Brain Trainer Mendi Hopes to Sharpen Your Mind in Minutes

Brain training has come a long way since Sudoku, and in part, technology can be credited with that. Mendi is one example of a product that is changing the game, and it’s doing it with a simple headset and app.

The clinical-grade brain training product is specifically designed for at-home use, meaning you don’t need to visit a brain training clinic to sharpen your mind. You simply put on the Mendi headset to measure your brain activity, choose how long you want to train in the Mendi app, and play the brain-enhancing game.

The theory is that while you’re controlling the game, you’re training your brain and can be done in as little as two minutes at a time, or up to 10 minutes if you want to see major improvements. The developers recommend 10 minutes, with a frequency of two-to-three times per week to see results.

mendi brain training application

Sammy Saldjoghi, co-founder of Mendi, originally created a goal of raising USD $50,000 on Kickstarter for the project, but has smashed that goal by hitting the USD $195,000 mark as of April 16.

According to Mendi the success could be attributed to the thousands of people who’ve already tried the mind training device. In fact in January 2020, after three years of development, the Mendi team opened up the “Mendi Brain gym” in Stockholm, Sweden, where people were invited to try out the app and headset for free, which enabled the team to work out additional kinks during the open testing session.

Saldjoghi and his team hope to begin shipping Mendi worldwide in August 2020. Those who pledge USD $299 or more will receive a Mendi device, Micro USB cable, the training app, and a one-year warranty.

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