Facebook Reportedly Working on Second-Gen Oculus Quest Headset

Facebook is developing a smaller and lighter version of its Oculus Quest VR headset, according to Bloomberg. It’ll also have a faster image refresh rate of at least 90Hz, meaning smoother visuals and less motion sickness. 

The current Quest model, sporting a 60Hz refresh rate, retails for USD $399 but delivers a more viable mainstream virtual reality experience, and unlike the Oculus Rift S can operate without being tethered to a PC. 

But the current version of the Quest does have its caveats. Despite weighing in at 1.25 lbs, the VR glasses can over time feel heavy on the face, and cause discomfort.

So it’s no surprise that according to the report, Facebook is considering reducing the weight and size by between 10% and 15%. But in a surprising move, Facebook is considering swapping out the fabric sides that it uses on the Quest, and instead opt for plastic – similar to the more expensive Rift S. And instead of rubber and velcro straps that keep the device securely on your face, the second-gen Quest may use elastic.

In addition to possible changes to the style and design in gen 2 of the Quest, Facebook is also working on upgrading Quest’s controllers. Currently the Oculus Quest controllers are magnetically attached and can just as easily slide off.

The second generation Question may also get four external cameras with the headset offering six degrees of freedom, which gives users the freedom to look and walk around in virtual space freely, and will also come with a USB Type-C cable that can tether the second generation Quest to your PC.

There are reportedly multiple versions of the second-generation Quest that’s currently being tested, and details haven’t been finalized so we can expect it won’t be anytime soon that the headset hits the market – at least not until 2021.

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