‘AR-cutpaste’ app copies real world objects and pastes it into your computer screen

It might be one of the most powerful image editing tools around, but Photoshop rewards only those with oodles of patience. But what if you need to quickly create, say, a flyer for your coffee roasting biz but have the PS skills of a toddler? Well, designer, developer, and artist Cyril Diagne has come up with a new experimental app that can automate one of the most time consuming (and popular) tasks in Photoshop – cutting out objects from the background.

The magic of AI and AR

A video posted by Cyril on Twitter shows just how the ar-cutpaste app works: Take a photo of the object you’d like to place on your current Photoshop project (in the video, Cyril uses it on a potted plant and a book), ‘drag’ the phone over to your laptop, and the app will (quite magically, especially if you’re a Photoshop neophyte who’s spent hours trying to get this right), ‘paste’ the object (sans background) on your open image.

Don’t expect to head over to Google Play to install this yet – this AR app’s a prototype as of now. That said, technically adept users who’d like to try this out can head over to Github. You’ll have to enable remote connections on Photoshop, install the app on your phone, set up a local server which acts as an interface between the mobile app and Photoshop, and finally, install the object detection service – you’ll also need a PC with an NVIDIA GPU that  supports the CUDA platform.

Other apps and websites that take the effort out of cut-and-paste

Installing ar-cutpaste seems like too much effort? We hear you. Here are a few apps that make it really easy to cut objects out of images:

Photoroom: This iOS app also uses AI to extract objects from their background. It also includes a photo editor and supports the Apple Pencil for more accurate editing. 

PhotoScissors: Another option, PhotoScissors is available for iOS, Mac, and Windows

Or if you’d rather not install an app and would prefer to use a website, check head over to ClippingMagic, Remove.bg, or Autoclipping.com, or sign up for the Fotor image editor.


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