Microsoft Announces Improved Second-Gen Surface Headphones

Microsoft unveiled several products that included the most awaited second-generation Surface headphones.

Surface Headphones 2 has minor changes so to speak; it retains the 13 levels of noise cancellation, the volume-controlling dial on the ear cup, and the large touch-sensitive surface pad that lets the user control audio playback.

But, the changes carried out certainly created a more functional model.

The Surface Headphones 2 has upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 and supports Qualcomm’s aptX Bluetooth codec that puts it at par with its competitors in terms of sound quality – the original was equipped with SBC codec which wasn’t as efficient.

microsoft surface headphones 2 blow up

Also, the ear cups have been redesigned to give them a 180-degree rotation. This would make it more comfortable for users who tend to hang headphones around their necks. The new matte black color option adds to the headphone’s stylish, sleek appearance.

However, it’s the extended battery life that steals the show.

Battery life has been bumped from 15 hours to 20 hours with Microsoft claiming that a quick five-minute charge will give you nearly an hour of playback time.

The headphones still feature Microsoft’s “omnisonic” audio system that consists of 40mm “Free Edge“ drivers and output. You can adjust the ANC level by using the dial on the ear cup.

Robin Seiler, the corporate vice president of program management for devices at Microsoft, confirmed that the newest headphones were fine-tuned for canceling human voice as well.

“You can tune ANC for different ranges, we specifically tuned for (the) human voice. When you’re thinking about working from home and trying to drown out your family, it’s a great product for that.”

The Surface Headphones 2 will retail at US $249, exactly a hundred dollars cheaper than its predecessor, and start shipping on May 12. It’s available for pre-order from May 6.

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