Xbox Series X Controller: What You Need to Know

The end of 2020 will mark the release of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and the new Xbox pad.

The Series X controller has undergone some quality adjustments to improve its functionality and design. It’s been reportedly shrunk in size, so that it’s more accessible and gives it a familiar feel when held.

The pad will feature tangible texturing on the triggers, grips, and bumpers, while the predecessor’s glossy accents have been swapped for a more matte finish.

It should be interesting to know that the D-pads are swappable; it’ll feature sharp up, down, left, and right cardinal directions as well as a faceted dish. While the former works for gamers that prefer well-defined edges, the latter is more suitable for nailing sweep actions and hitting accurate diagonals.

When asked about the importance of compatibility and connectivity in the design, Ryan Whitaker, the senior designer at Xbox, explained the range of its implications and emphasized on the cross-compatibility between Xbox Series X and Xbox One consoles and controllers.

“The new controller also remembers multiple devices so switching between them is more seamless. And a USB-C port allows gamers to play and charge with a modern cable that’s more readily available.”

In addition, gamers will be able to play on various devices like iOS, PC, and Android thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) implementation.

The controller will also feature a ‘Share‘ button that will enable users to capture and share gaming moments. Pressing the button will instantly take a screenshot or record a video that can then be shared on social media platforms or directly with friends.

Although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the retail price of the Xbox series X controller, it’s expected that the latest offering will be more expensive than the original, which retailed for US $50, considering the previous pricing strategy of Microsoft. 

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