Loftie promises its new smart alarm clock will help you sleep better

Move over, home assistants, there’s a new smart device in town, but it’s probably not what you expected. We’re talking about the just-launched-on-Indiegogo Loftie Clock. An alarm clock? Don’t scoff. It’s got the smarts, it’s got the features, and more importantly, it promises to help us sleep better.

According to its makers, this new alarm clock’s based on a simple philosophy – spending more time away from our phones. As founder Matt Hasset explains: “We wanted to help people reduce the stress of email and digital communication by leaving their phones out of the bedroom, so they can wake up refreshed, restored, and ready to take on the day.” 

Loftie smart alarm clock bedside

It’s got a ‘two-phase alarm’, IFTTT compatibility, and a noise machine

At the centre of the Loftie Clock’s abilities is its ‘two-phase’ alarm, which is supposed to mimic how we wake up naturally – an initial sound to rouse us from sleep, followed by a second that prompts us to get out of bed. Loftie’s also fitted in a dimmable nightlight, which gives off a warm glow when it’s time to rise. There’s an in-built speaker (along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), and you also get a noise machine and streaming content including nature sounds, meditation sessions, breath work, and sleep stories. Meanwhile, the Loftie Clock’s light sensor gathers data on your sleep patterns, to help provide personalized sleep suggestions.

Part of the Loftie’s appeal is also app-less usage (which should tie in with its maker’s aim of reducing phone usage in the bedroom), but if that’s not your thing, there is an app (iOS and Android) to help you schedule alarms and create playlists. Finally, IFTTT integration means the clock can actually work as a proper smart home device (Yes, it works with Philips Hue lighting).

The Loftie Alarm Clock is on sale for $99 on Indiegogo with pre-ordered units shipping autumn this year. 

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