Exer.ai is using computer vision and AI to help you get fit

In what can only be described as the best timing ever, Exer has launched a new fitness app that offers AI-based coaching and uses your phone’s camera to gauge progress. Given that gyms are shut pretty much everywhere, and even outdoor exercising has been restricted in many places, this just might be what could kickstart a home-based fitness regimen for a lot of people.

Perfect Plank (as of now, iOS only), is Exer’s first app, but they’ve also got a Physical Therapy app in the works. While you’ll have to wait for an AI coach to track your therapy regimen, for now you’ll at least be able to get your plank form correct!

exer ai app phone view

Here’s how Perfect Plan works: You need to place your phone so that you’re visible to the camera. Then, as you start up your exercise, Perfect Plank will use imagery captured through the camera and run it through its AI engine to analyze just how well you’re doing. The data is processed within your device and the app will even work in airplane mode, which should allay concerns over privacy.


Exer has also designed a comprehensive voice engine, similar to that found in games, to offer real-time audio feedback: Perfect Plank’s AI will tell you to adjust your position and offer encouragement based on what it can see through your phone camera.

Other features designed to boost efficacy include auto rep counts, private teams and groups, leaderboards, challenges, social sharing, and video clips for guidance. Exer will also open up the app to human coaches who can offer voice-based training and tailor feedback according to their preferences. In the future, you might also get to see this tech elsewhere thanks to an in-the-works SDK that should make it easy for developers to plug in Exer’s guidance system in their own apps.

But as of now, head over to the App Store to try this out – Perfect Plank is completely free, and they’re also participating in a special drive that will see one meal donated to the Feeding America for every one minute of planking.

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