Creating Your Own Podcast Just Got Easier With The Maonocaster

If you’re thinking about starting your own podcast, the Maonacaster by Maono makes it easier than ever before. This new, all-in-one device has everything you need to get started, including a multi-channel mixer, a preamp, programmable effects and jingles, and more. If you think that the technological aspects of podcasting are too complicating for you to get involved, this device simplifies the entire process. 

Podcasting has already seen tremendous growth since 2006, when barely anyone even knew what a podcast was. Today, this form of media is more popular than ever before, and it’s an excellent time to start your own podcast. Some statistics suggest that there will be a 27% increase in podcasting during 2020 alone. This makes sense, seeing as everyone is stuck at home right now.

When most people consider podcasting, they aren’t really aware of what’s required. For the highest chance of success, you need to treat podcasting like a business. Professional equipment is a must, and most people are turned off when they hear how many things they have to buy before getting started. 

This is essentially the problem that the Maonocaster solves. The Kickstarter project aims to provide everything you need to start a podcast in an affordable way. Visit their Kickstarter page, and you’ll see that their mission is to “make podcasting accessible for everyone.” The Maonocaster alone costs about $129 right now, and you can get a package that contains a mic and headphones for under $200. The Maonocaster is also geared towards people who might not have a lot of technical knowledge, and the device helps new podcasters get started in just minutes. 

It’s not all about podcasting either. This device can also be used for Twitch streams or even journalism. The internal battery makes it very portable and easy to use in a variety of different scenarios. While the Maonocaster is a great first purchase for new podcasters, it also packs enough features to keep even the most experienced pros satisfied. 

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If you’re running a group podcast, the Maonocaster allows you to set up 4 mics with multi-channel mixing. If you’re short on mics, you can use your smartphones as audio sources or connect the device to your laptop to conduct interviews over video chat with high-quality, noise-canceling audio mixing. You can also stream directly to YouTube or Twitch.

Custom effects also make the Maonocaster lots of fun. You can “bleep” out swear words, create fake applause and cheering, and build up suspense with a range of sound effects at the push of a button. This makes live podcasts seem more professional without the need for post-editing software. You can also add six different vocal effects to your voice or those of your guests. If you want to interrupt your music, you can do so easily with a side chain vocal effect. 

Maono is already an established brand within the audio world, especially in regards to podcasting. The company is run by team members who have backgrounds in Foxconn, Quanta, and Huawei. These have a firm grasp on the R&D process, and they’ve spent years developing and testing the Moanocaster to be sturdy, reliable, and easy to use. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast over the quarantine, the Maonocaster might be your “one-stop-shop” to kick things off. 

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