‘Safe Spacer’ wearable will help you comply with social distancing guidelines

The world’s newest wearable is here, and it doesn’t do any of the things you’d expect – there’s no step counter, no sleep tracking, no display, and absolutely zero ability to control music playback. Instead, the Safe Spacer does only one thing – it warns you when you’re standing too close to someone else, a pretty useful skill in these days when we’re all being asked to stand at least 6 feet away from other folks, whether at work, or out at the grocery store.

Made by IK Multimedia, better known for its music production gear and software, Safe Spacer can be worn on the wrist, a lanyard, a keychain or even carried in a pocket – just like any other wearable you own. According to its makers, this tiny device offers measurements as precise as 10cm thanks to the use of Ultra Wide-band technology.

Other features include a rechargeable battery that offers a week’s worth of usage, a unique ID that will let users  (or their employers) trace any unintentional contact, custom distance thresholds, logging of daily tracing data, and customizable alerts. And yes, before you ask, Safe Spacer is waterproof and can be safely disinfected.

IK Multimedia also claims Safe Spacer has baked-in privacy safeguards, and the only data that will be stored includes the device ID and proximity distance. The device can be used as-is, out of the box, but the optional Android / iOS apps will assist businesses who’d like to roll it out across their workforce. Safe Space is expected to ship in early Q3 2020, and is priced at US$99.99, although volume discounts will also be available.

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