Bloodfields, New Tabletop Wargame Allows You To Print All Your Miniatures With A 3D Printer

Tabletop gaming in the future will be much cheaper thanks to the wonders of 3-D Printing. 

Bloodfields is a prime example of this new trend, and this new wargame on Kickstarter will let players print all of their miniatures with a 3-D printer. If you’ve ever played Warhammer 40K or Age of Sigmar, you already know that collecting and painting models can be seriously expensive. 

It’s not uncommon for players to spend thousands of dollars to build their armies – and this is before paints and other supplies are taken into account. Tabletop gamers have been experimenting with 3-D printing for a while, but so far the practice has been viewed as a slightly fringe hobby. Obviously, 3-D printed models are not allowed at major tournaments… After all, 3-D printing technology threatens to completely destroy established wargaming companies such as Games Workshop. 

When future tabletop gamers consider getting into this hobby for the first time, Bloodfields might seem like a pretty attractive option. The game already offers over 100 miniatures that you can print today with your 3-D printer. This is just the beginning, as Bloodfields will expand to include new models, new rules, and new scenarios. 

bloodfields vampires

Bloodfields is your typical fantasy wargame that includes factions such as elves, humans, and orcs. That being said, there are also several factions that are new and unique, such as the amazons and the “dragon kingdom.” Created by Titan Forge Games, Bloodfield also has its own lore. Battles take place on a supernatural plateau that requires its inhabitants to take part in “festivals of violence” to satiate the bloodthirst of the lands. 

Bloodfields also uses a digital app to provide players with an easy-to-access library of rules and statistics.  This app also connects players with each other and allows them to tweak rules and create their own custom scenarios. Combined with the 3-D printing aspect of the game, this app helps reduce costs as players can avoid purchasing expensive rulebooks. 

So just how cheap is this game compared to the competition? Well, a $29 “Starter Pack” for Bloodfield gives you 18 models, a bunch of terrain, and a wide range of accessories and objective markers. In addition, Patrons on Patreon receive free models each month and they’re constantly adding new “freebies” for players. Overall, this is definitely a cheaper system compared to something like Age of Sigmar. 

The models themselves are also quite detailed, and they clearly illustrate just how far 3-D printing has come in the past few years. While previous 3-D printed models might have looked blocky or dull, this new line looks intricate and complex. 

3d printing

Of course, in order to take full advantage of this game, you’ll need to actually buy a 3-D printer. They don’t come cheap, but the initial investment could be well worth it thanks to new, innovative ideas like Bloodfield. One of the best 3-D Printers for hobbyists is the Prusa i3 MK3S, which costs about $1000. While this might seem like a pretty huge investment for a new hobby, you may end up spending twice that amount on miniatures that are store-bought. You can also easily get mid-range 3-D printers for under $300 these days. 

Eventually, 3-D printers will be seen as an essential home appliance. Just like the microwave, people may be reluctant to adopt this new device at first, but soon you’ll find one in virtually every home – tucked away in the garage or basement. When this happens, games like Bloodfield won’t just be an interesting new option. 3-D printing will become the workhorse for all tabletop gaming. 

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