Pixel 5 rumours: What will Google’s new flagship be like?

No flagship processor this time around

The ‘main’ Pixels (not counting the 3A and the upcoming 4A) have always been based around Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line processors: The Pixel 4 has the Snapdragon 855, the Pixel 3 had the Snapdragon 845, and so on. But according to a teardown of the Pixel 4A camera app by 9to5Google, it seems Google might not be paying the benchmark / spec-sheet game this time around. Instead of the Snapdragon 865 that nearly every other flagship seems to be using this year, Google might opt for the mid-range Snapdragon 765G. While gamers might be disappointed at this, it’s actually not surprising that Google’s opted for a slower (and cheaper) processor for its next flagship – the Pixel range’s forte has always been an unfussy UI, timely software updates, and a stellar camera. Spec-hounds are better served elsewhere, and it’s almost a relief to see that Google’s finally getting this.

Google might kill off Motion Sense

The Project Soli radar-based gesture control – marketed as Motion Sense – was one of the highlights of the Pixel 5. However, reality proved to be quite different to what Google had promised. For starters, Google was forced to geo-restrict Motion Sense as radio spectrum is locked down in many countries. Motion Sense’s performance also didn’t garner it much acclaim, with users complaining about just how slow and buggy it could be. And finally, with every new generation of smartphones coming with skinnier bezels than before, the massive forehead (required for the Motion Sense hardware) just looks ungainly.  Given all this, Google is expected to release the Pixel 5 without any support for Motion Sense – 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall seemed to concur in an episode of the Alphabet Scoop podcast.

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The Pixel 5 might have a triple camera system

In a video, Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech shows off a leaked render of what could be one of the designs under consideration. Design firm Yanko Design has also used various leaks to come up with a render of what the final device could look like: With a U-shaped rear camera module containing 3 lenses arranged around the flash. It’s pretty much a cinch that if this comes true, the Pixel 5 might be getting an ultra-wide lens alongside the main camera and telephoto.

The Pixel 5 might be much cheaper than other flagships

At $799 (although Google’s made it available for much cheaper as well), the Pixel 4 comes off as slightly cheaper than other flagships, but the Pixel 5 might just undercut this by another $100. While Google has not revealed anything about the pricing yet, a Reddit user reported encountering a Google Survey gauging market response for a hypothetical ‘Premium Google Pixel Phone’ priced at $699. If this prediction comes true, the Pixel 5 will be far cheaper than its erstwhile competition, and could be a much needed price correction –  the cheaper Pixel 3A, not a big seller by any estimate, remains the most popular device in the current Pixel range.

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