Blackview X1 is perfect and affordable for anyone not sure about smartwatches

Not sure if you’d like to plonk down a few hundred dollars on a smartwatch? You might want to check out the Blackview X1. Why? Well, because it’s got all the basics, and it’s cheap, really so – at $34.99 on preorder ($69.99 otherwise), it’ll probably cost less than what you spend on your coffee-and-bagel habit in a week.

We won’t blame you for not having heard of Blackview – they aren’t exactly competing with the Instagram set. Instead, they’re targeting a different niche – they’re best known for their rugged, outdoorsy phones for people who need to work when everyone else is huddled around a fire sipping hot chocolate. For example, they sell the BV9900 Pro, a $599 phone that offers a FLiR thermal camera, MIL-STD-810G toughness, a massive battery, underwater camera capability, and ‘IceMode’ – which lets you use the camera even when the temperature is -30c. But if you do want to target Instagram, it’ll do that – thanks to the 48MP camera with its 15 AI modes, and its 16MP selfie camera.

blackview x1 red

Back to the X1 smartwatch, it’s certainly got more going for it than just the surprisingly low price. For example, there’s 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, water resistance up to 50m, 9 sports modes, call and other alerts, Bluetooth 5.0, music playback controls, raise-to-wake, and a 1.3in display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. All that’s pretty sweet, especially at the price, but what we really like about it is the battery life – Blackview claims you’ll get up to 10 days of ‘normal’ usage, but switch over to ‘Basic Watch mode’, and that shoots up to 45 days.

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