Everything You Need to Know About the $75 Raspberry Pi 4 With 8GB of RAM

After the 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB variants, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the fourth version of its renowned miniature budget computer – the Raspberry Pi with 8GB RAM.

With double the amount of RAM and a $75 price tag, the newest variation will be released with a 64-bit version of its operating system that’s in the beta stage. Other than the different RAM capacity, the new miniature PC has the same ARM-based CPU, and ports: HDMI, USB 3, and Ethernet.

The company mentioned in their blog that to accommodate the higher peak currents required to sustain the new memory package, the power supply components were reshuffled a bit.

While a new switcher was incorporated next to the USB-C power connector, the switch-mode power supply located near the right-hand side of the board (next to the USB 2.0 sockets) was removed. Also, getting 8GB of RAM is a huge deal, especially considering the size and price of Raspberry Pi PCs. 

You can use this additional memory for several tasks. Whether it’s running heavy server workloads, having multiple tabs open at once when browsing, or compiling and linking large pieces of software – the new release makes everything possible.

The Raspbian Operating System: Version 64-bit

The current operating system of the Raspberry Pi Foundation uses a 32-bit kernel that restricts the use of the 8GB RAM memory to its full capacity.

To avoid this problem, the foundation has also launched the 64-bit version of this preceding operating system. Both the operating systems will be known as the Raspberry Pi OS. However, the latest one is still in early beta.

Not interested in the 8GB version? The 2GB and 4GB variants are also available and just had their prices slashed down to $35 and $55 respectively.

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