OnePlus 8 Pro’s New OxygenOS 10.5.9 Update Disables the Controversial Color Filter Camera

OnePlus 8 Pro is an excellent phone that not only boasts of an impressive camera, but has other well-rounded features such as the QUALCOMM Snapdragon 865, IP68 dust/water resistance rating, and fast wireless charging.

Lately, however, it was in the news for other controversial reasons—its camera.

OnePlus Bids a Temporary Farewell to Its Color Filter Camera

Remember the controversy surrounding OnePlus 8 Pro’s color filter camera? The one where they let you see through certain plastics and extremely thin pieces of clothing?

Well, it looks like the flagship has removed the ‘Photochrom’ filter from its camera app, albeit temporarily.

The company quickly issued an official apology via a post on Weibo when people started discovering the issue, hinting at disabling the color filter camera to protect the privacy of its users.

Interestingly, some users were upset by this decision to which the company again clarified that the disabling would take place on HydrogenOS.

After the rolling of the new OxygenOS 10.5.9, we can now confirm that the color filter camera is indeed missing from the newest update too.

Meanwhile, OnePlus has mentioned their plans to reintroduce the filter mode later in June after making the required changes to ensure that the safety of people remains uncompromised. Keep in mind that no official launch date has been given regarding this.

Wondering how is this possible? It’s because of the phone’s infrared sensors.

Not only is the infrared radiation invisible to the human eye, but it’s also just below the visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum. In fact, the whole world is saturated in infrared, but as we don’t see it, we don’t give it much thought.

With the help of technology, certain equipment like thermal cameras and night-vision goggles have been developed that can capture the infrared radiation to let you see through certain materials. And now, high-end phones have also started using infrared sensors to enable the FaceID feature.

Oxygenos’ 10.5.9 Download Links for International Versions

The updates are being made available in batches, which is why you might‘ve not received it. You can check out the download links for international and Indian versions of the device below:

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