Samsung launches new phone subscription program

Samsung has launched a new phone subscription program – dubbed Samsung Access –  possibly as a replacement for the older Samsung Phone Upgrade Program. Here’s what this is all about:

As of now, only the Galaxy S20 series is covered under this programme, which isn’t surprising as it makes sense for Samsung to push its priciest devices, at least initially. Unfortunately, unlike the older program, Samsung’s not offering any trade-in credit, though you do get plenty aside from the Galaxy S20 of your choice: There’s Samsung Premium Care, which overs 24/7 support, accidental damage protection, and extended warranty coverage; 1TB storage space on OneDrive; a 5-device subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal (that’s what the Office 365 Personal plan is called now); and upgrades every nine months. Be careful, though: It’ll cost you an extra $100 if you upgrade before the nine months, and there’s also a $100 cancellation fee if you do so within three months.

So how much will you be paying every month? The Galaxy S20 5G 128GB will run you $37, the S20+ 5G 128GB is $42 a month, and the S20 Ultra 5G 128GB will cost $48 a month. All devices sold under Samsung Access are unlocked.

Wait, you can also buy TVs through Samsung Access

Samsung’s also making its latest TVs available under Access: Choices are from 2020 models (there’s a whole bunch of them), and you’ll be paying 75% of the TV’s price over 27 months. Once that’s over you can upgrade for free. Between 12 and 27 months, you can upgrade or cancel by paying the difference between 75% of the price and what you’ve paid so far. Other inclusions are Samsung Premium Care, and up to $120 worth of streaming subscriptions – you can choose between YouTube Premium, YouTube TV, YouTube Music Premium, Showtime, Sling TV, or XBox Game Pass Ultimate.

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