iPhone and iPad Users Facing Several Problems With Apple’s Buggy iOS 13.5 Update

iPhone and iPad users were in for a rude shock after downloading Apple’s new iOS 13.5 update for their devices.

This is quite surprising as the update was one of the most important ones launched by the flagship in years, and the fact that it isn’t bug-free is disappointing, to say the least.

Heavy Battery Drain, Overheating, and Reboot Loop Problems

Out of the multiple bugs reported, the biggest let down was the heavy battery drain. While it isn’t uncommon for iOS and iPadOS updates to cause a lower battery, this one, in particular, has wreaked havoc with the battery.

Several Apple users have posted on social media about the new update reducing battery life. In fact, even owners of phones with a bigger battery like iPhone 11 Pro Max are facing the same problems.

Users have also complained about overheating problems, and how there seem to be no improvements even after tweaking device settings. Looks like, waiting for an update seems to be the only way out at the moment.

There’s more.

Apple support forums have confirmed that iPadOS can make boot loops on the iPad Pro and that the MP4 playback is broken. The latter was a 13.4.1 bug that affected both native as well as third-party apps.

Apple Insider found out that the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is the most commonly affected device with users facing reboot problems “between 30 seconds and 45 seconds after logging in“. In fact, one user has complained that this reboot bug basically “renders the iPad useless post.“

Apple Seems to Have No Solution Currently

It doesn’t look like Apple has started working on fixing these bugs as it hasn’t given any official response or acknowledgment of these bugs.

It would probably be better to hold back if you haven’t upgraded to iOS 13.5. And if you have, you might just have to wait until Apple comes up with a solution.

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