Nissan Develops New All-Wheel-Drive Tech For its Electric Vehicles

With all-new AWD technology, Nissan is pushing EVs even further than before. Consisting of one electric motor per axle, this new feature has been dubbed “e-4ORCE” by the Japanese auto company. Obviously, all-wheel drive is nothing new – we’ve seen it appear on countless non-electric models over the years. However, AWD tech is relatively new territory for electric vehicles, and Nissan is bringing some innovative features to the table with its proprietary new feature. 

So how is e-4ORCE different compared to other versions of all-wheel-drive? While there’s a ton of technical information behind it, the most important thing you need to know is this: The AWD technology makes EVs more fun to drive. Make no mistake, you can seriously push these sustainable autos to the limit with e-4ORCE. While electric cars today are known for their speedy acceleration in a straight line, Nissan’s new line of EVs will be able to twist and turn like never before.

e-4ORCE builds upon Nissan’s experience with AWD in the past, and it’s an evolution of things like e-powertrain and the ATTESSA E-TS torque split AWD system of the GT-R. The purpose of e-4ORCE is to redirect power to individual wheels depending on conditions. The smart system can also brake individual wheels for a higher degree of control. The two electric motors work in perfect harmony, and each is responsible for one axle. 

Nissan AWD EV car

When you’re driving down a straight highway, e-4ORCE would devote equal amounts of power to each axle, but when you encounter challenging conditions, it can redirect 100% of power to a single axle. In other words, e-4ORCE is constantly analyzing conditions and reacting in a fraction of a second. The end goal is to give drivers the freedom to push their automobiles harder without sacrificing comfort. With e-4ORCE, precise handling will be a standout feature for Nissan’s future EVs, including the Ariya concept (a new Leaf). 

One thing’s for sure, this new Leaf won’t feel like your typical electric car. With a combined 300 horsepower between the two electric motors and 500 pounds of torque, the new auto will deliver plenty of high-octane thrills while helping you save the planet. At the same time, e-4ORCE-equipped Ariyas will deliver a smooth ride by reducing pitch and dive as you whip around corners. With all of these features in mind, it’s no wonder why the folks at Nissan promise you won’t want to drive another car after testing out e-4ORCE. 

Of course, Nissan isn’t the only manufacturer working on all-wheel-drive for electric vehicles. Audi’s e-Tron offers its own version of electric AWD. Hyundai also provides something called AWD-i on certain EVs, and the Porsche Taycan has similar technology. That being said, it looks like Nissan has done enough with e-4ORCE to make their new EVs stand out from the pack, and they’ve made quite a few innovative developments that are worthy of attention. 

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