PCs to Feature the AMD RDNA 2 “Big Navi” GPUs First Come September

The fact that AMD’s RDNA 2 “Big Navi” will power the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft has been common knowledge for quite some time.

However, the company’s CFO, David Kumar, has now confirmed at the Bank of America 2020 Securities Global Technology Conference that the Big Navi (also known as Navi 2x or Navi 2) GPU will support the Radeon RX graphics card for PCs before.

In other words, AMD’s next-generation GPU architecture will be available on the PC platform before the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox.

AMD Wants to Give the Very Best to its Customers

You can expect the Big Navi card to be powerful – and expensive. 

The company has to offer its customers a power-packed card as the biggest rivals of AMD’s GPU would be the top-performing NVIDIA and Turing, with the upcoming NVIDIA Ampere generation heating up the competition further.

Kumar acknowledges the excitement that AMD‘s fans have for Navi 2 as it’s the company’s first RDNA 2 base product.

“There’s a lot of excitement for Navi 2, or what our fans have dubbed as the Big Navi. This will be our first RDNA 2 based product.”

“Big Navi is a halo product, and enthusiasts love to buy the best, and we are certainly working on giving them the best.”

As for the availability of the Navi 2 on the PC platform, a September or October launch seems likely. We say this because the next generation consoles are set for a November release. 

Plus, Kumar has also confirmed that the GPUs will be available to customers come late 2020. He says that the company is “on track to launch our next-generation Zen 3 CPUs and RDNA 2 GPUs in late 2020.” 

Entire Radeon Range to be Powered by Big Navi

The RDNA 2 architecture will go through the entire GPUs stack to add to the versatility and extend the landscape for the company. AMD‘s integrated APU products and game console products will also feature the same architecture.

“This allows us to leverage the larger ecosystem, accelerate the development of exciting features like ray tracing and more,” said Kumar.

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