NASA’s offering a $100,000 prize for new tech that could boost space exploration

Have an idea that could revolutionize scientific research and space exploration? Then go ahead and call NASA right away! The US space agency is offering a $100,000 prize as part of an Entrepreneurs Challenge that seeks to boost innovation and develop new tech at lower costs.

This program, run by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, will focus on ‘novel ideas reflective of those currently trending in the commercial sector’. NASA is seeking submissions in three main focus areas: Machine Learning and AI for autonomous vehicles, spacecraft, Earth observation and disaster management; low-mass, low-power mass spectrometry instrumentation for life detection; and quantum sensors for high-precision measurements of gravity, magnetism, and other phenomena.

This three-stage contest will kick off with participants asked to submit white papers, with the best 15-20 ideas getting to make oral presentations to a panel (there’ll be venture capital firms in attendance). Of these, around 10 groups will win $20,000 each, and then will face a final evaluation with winners getting an additional $80,000.

If you’d like to participate, hurry, as you’ll have to turn in white papers by June 26; this will be followed by the second round on July 29, with the winners declared at the Innovation and Opportunity Conference later this year.

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