Visionox Announces Mass Production of the First Under-Screen Smartphone Camera

Visionox, a Chinese display manufacturer that provides panels for Xiaomi smartphones like Mi Note 10, and Mi Note 10, has announced that it will be mass-producing the first-ever under-screen smartphone cameras.

This is great news as previously companies had faced a lot of problems in incorporating an under-screen smartphone camera at the front of their handsets.


Virtually Undetectable Under-Screen Smartphone Camera

New details have emerged from Visionox’s announcement about their new OLED display that shed lights on how the unique innovation was made possible.

Along with a new pixel structure, the display will use highly transparent materials, a special pixel arrangement, and new driving circuitry. The combination of these features will make the under-display smartphone camera virtually undetectable in certain lighting conditions such as increasing or decreasing brightness levels, the transparent sub-screen, the rest of the display, and the viewing angles.

The Chinese company has used an array of technologies to make this happen – some of which have been patented already.

Visionox, however, still hasn’t revealed the launch date of this innovative solution as well as the names of phone companies that will source it.

Oppo and Samsung Working on Creating An Under-Screen Smartphone Camera Solution

We have to emphasize that what Visionox has achieved is no easy feat. 

The complications involved in introducing an in-display camera, without adversely affecting the image quality has been acknowledged by Xiaomi‘s general manager as well.

In the past, Oppo had developed an under-screen smartphone camera but sadly, shipping had to halt as the solution compromised on the image quality clicked from the front sensor.

There are rumors of Samsung also working on developing an under-screen smartphone camera solution for the upcoming Galaxy S21. But we cannot confirm this as various prototypes are being circulated in the market.

Besides, if Samsung does decide to launch a smartphone with this technology, it’ll only be when there are no compromises on user experience.

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