Apple Develops New Mobile Tech For Stronger Glass

Apple has earned a reputation for being one of the most innovative tech companies in the world, and they’re continuing this trend with a new type of ultra-strong glass for their mobile phones. Although smartphones have made tremendous advances over the years, most devices are still quite prone to cracking and smashing. Sure – it’s possible to protect your phone with a suitable case and screen protector… But what if there was another way? 

Apple is one of the leading brands in developing stronger glass based on molecular science, and we’ve already seen the iPhone 11 make significant strides in this area. One of the phone’s key features was its strengthened glass casing – something all consumers were reminded of during the 11’s extensive marketing campaign. Today, it seems like Apple is pushing its glass technology further, and they’ve just patented a new type of polycrystalline material that adds even more strength and durability. 

Most current-generation Apple devices feature glass with a dual-ion exchange process. This technology extends not only to smartphones, but also a range of other Apple devices – most notably an all-glass iMac that may be released in the near future. It’s clear that Apple researchers have learned a lot after years of research and testing with glass technology. 

Over the years, Apple seems to have come to the conclusion that anti-scratch and anti-reflection glass isn’t always the best choice for smartphones. Although this type of glass certainly has obvious benefits, it can be more prone to cracking because of the stress concentrations involved.

apple glass tech in lab

So what is Apple doing differently today? A new approach involves a thin, transparent layer made from polycrystalline materials. These crystals are actually grown in a lab to take on a spiraled, interlaced structure that boosts durability and strength. This material is also scratch resistant and glare resistant, allowing users to have the best of both worlds. 

Patently Apple reports that the tech giant recently applied for a patent that would add this spiraled crystalline glass to their long list of intellectual properties. The original patent was filed back in 2019, so it seems likely that Apple is implementing this new technology into its current-generation products. These probably include smartphones, Apple Watches, and other devices. 

Almost everyone has felt the crushing disappointment of cracking their phone screen, and this definitely seems like a common issue that deserves attention. Glass-covered phones are undeniably beautiful and satisfying, but the trade-off is a degree of fragility that always seems to make users a little paranoid about dropping their phone. With Apple’s new glass technology, these worries might be a thing of the past. At least as far as iPhones go, mobile devices of the future might be more durable than anyone can imagine.

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