COLORFUL Technology Company Ltd Have Released Three B460M Motherboards that Start from $99

Colorful Technology Company Limited has finally released its three brand-new B460M motherboards ranging between $99 to $119. For those who aren’t aware, the company is a professional manufacturer of motherboards, graphic cards, all-in-one multimedia and gaming solutions, and high-performance storage providers.

Stunning Performance, Abundant Memory, and Full BIOS Support: At a Glance

The motherboards have an excellent 10-phase power design to enhance performance and are compatible with the 10th generation Intel Core processors. They also debut the latest tech such as 32 GB memory module support for up to 128 GB memory, and ultra-fast M.2 PCIe with Intel Optane Memory support – all of this at a much friendly price tag.

Additionally, it also features high-performance multichannel high definition audio, a fantastic RGB lighting supported by iGame Dynamik Light, and Gigabit LAN. A fully functional BIOS with Simple Mode and Advanced Mode complete the deal. While the former makes it suitable for novices, the latter is better for overclocking and tweaking.


The BATTLE-AX B460M-D V20 has four SATA 3.0 ports, two DIMM slots for up to 64 GB RAM, and one M.2 slot for SATA or PCIe storage solutions. It uses a Realtek ALC662 for a six channel audio along with providing support for 65W processors.

The price of this motherboard hasn’t been released yet, but there are high chances for it to be less than $99.


The BATTLE-AX B460M-HD PRO V20 offers a few additional features when compared to the previous model.


With an expected MSRP of $99, this motherboard has a total of five SATA 3.0 ports and an additional M.2 slot for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity. Other than an eight channel Realtek ALC887 audio chip support, its remaining features are similar to the BATTLE-AX B460M-D V20.

CVN B460M Gaming Pro V20

The CVN B460M Gaming Pro V20 has an MSRP of $119 and is hands down the most interesting of the lot.

In addition to offering support for Intel Comet Lake S CPU, it also has a full ATX form factor board, four DIMM slots (offering up to 128 GB of RAM support), and an additional M.2 port and SATA 3.0 port when compared to the BATTLE-AX B460M-HD PRO V20.

It has the RIMY Cooling Armor, which is an enlarged heatsink for proper airflow. This can be helpful for cooling down critical areas. Moreover, a Full Cover Cooling Fin ensures an enhanced passive cooling.

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