Sony unveils the PlayStation 5: No-disc version also coming!

Sony finally unveiled its upcoming PlayStation 5 during a live stream earlier today. Also debuting alongside were a slew of games (You can watch all the announcements here), including some storied franchises as well as some new indie titles.

The PS5 comes in a vertical orientation (although it can also be placed on its side like its predecessors), with its contoured black-and-white body looking a world apart from the boxy, all-black PS4. There’ll be two versions of the newest PlayStation: one with a Blu-Ray drive, and a slightly slimmer no-disc ‘Digital Edition’ which also ought to be a bit cheaper (exact pricing hasn’t been announced yet).

Inside, there’s an AMD Zen 2 CPU and Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics (this was revealed back in March), 16GB GDDR6 RAM, an 825GB SSD (Sony claims its SSD can deliver up to 5.5GB/s of throughput), and up to 8K video output (as well as 4K at 120Hz), and 3D audio.

New controllers, accessories, and games

The DualSense wireless controller, meanwhile, was revealed back in April – features include adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, a dual-mic array, and a ‘Create’ button (pretty much a ‘Share’ button by another name, though Sony promises ‘pioneering new ways’ of creating gameplay content).  A slew of accessories should also arrive (though what will be available at launch isn’t clear), including an HD camera, the Pulse 3D wireless headset with 3D audio support and noise-canceling mics, a media remote, and a charging dock for DualSense controllers.

A whole bunch of gaming titles were also confirmed during the live stream: These include big-ticket names like GTA V, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village, NBA 2K21, Hitman 3,  as well as plenty of Indie titles (get the entire list here).

Sony hasn’t confirmed pricing or shipping dates so far, but as far as we know, the PlayStation 5 is on track for a holiday season release.

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