The VESANY Allows You To Instantly Detect Hidden Cameras

In a world where there is growing concern about constant surveillance, the VESANY is exactly what we need. The handy, portable gadget takes the shape of a small, remote-control type object that easily fits in your pocket. Average people might assume that it’s a fitness-related smart device, but the VESANY hides a deeper secret within. 

Based on wireless frequency-detecting technology, the VESANY instantly lets you know if there are hidden cameras or spy devices hidden nearby. With a range of 10 feet, the VESANY allows you to scan a hotel room or office and root out any spy cameras that might be hidden away. The VESANY features multiple tracking systems, enabling it to detect WiFi, mobile networks (including 5G), GPS, and Bluetooth signals. 

Once the device confirms that a signal is present, it uses infrared scanning technology to locate the source of the camera or spy device. Here’s how it works: VESANY scans the room with infrared light, and any camera lenses will reflect the light, helping you pinpoint the source. 


Of course, that’s not all the VESANY can do. It’s also an amazing alarm system that you can bring with you into any hotel room or office. The device can be programmed to detect tiny movements in a room, which is handy if anyone breaks in or enters without permission. VESANY is being marketed as a device that can help you get a good night’s sleep – perhaps in a foreign, unfamiliar place – because you know you’ll be alerted in case any intruders decide to… well… intrude. 

The alarm is enough to scare most people away as well, a high-pitched frequency will wake even the deepest sleepers, and bright red lights should make even the most determined fiends think twice. This alarm feature isn’t just limited to hotel room security, either. You can also attach it to your luggage and make sure that no one tries to grab it when you’re not looking. If they do, that same high-pitched glare and red glow will alert the entire airport of the theft that’s taking place. 

So who might want to use the VESANY? Honestly, the potential is almost limitless. The most obvious candidates would be those in high-level positions at various businesses. Corporate espionage is huge right now, and something like the VESANY could protect your company’s secrets. If you feel like you’re in danger of being blackmailed, a hidden camera detector can give you that peace of mind that you’ve been looking for. 

VESANY might also be useful for more vulnerable people who are traveling alone. If you feel unsure about your surroundings, it might be quite reassuring to hang the VESANY on your hotel door and relax without stress building up. Everyone can feel a little anxious when they’re traveling through a strange place. In addition, VESANY could be an amazing tool for people who are transporting valuable items. If you’re carrying a suitcase full of money or something else of extreme value, clipping the VESANY onto your luggage can give you an extra layer of protection and security.

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