This Unknown Start-Up from Estonia Launched Valentine’s Day NFTs

This year, tokenization platform Mintmade enabled users to mint a pair of NFTs, customized with their and their partner’s names on it. Built on Polygon and ERC-1155, these NFTs are available on marketplaces and wallets that support these standards.

All users have to do is enter their and their partner’s names on the Mintmade website, and a simple NFT with a black background and white, code-like block letters will be minted. Mintmade has already uploaded a few to Opensea; ironically enough, there’s one dedicated to “Russia Loves Ukraine”, available for 0.8 ETH. is also offering Valentine’s Day NFTs

Global cryptocurrency exchange is also offering Valentine’s Day NFTs this year.

Featuring works from creators Ali Jardine, Francis Alves and Oscar Llorens, the platform is offering multiple options for its users. In “Lovebirds,” photographer Ali Jardine offers birdwatching photos named after famous fictional couples. Another collection, “Hearts,” presents digital gems and jewelry NFTs for users to gift to their significant others. Finally, Llorens’ “Cupid Collection” reimagines Cupid by combining its mythological roots with various futuristic depictions. Users can check out some of the Valentine’s Day NFT previews here.

With this Valentine’s Day collection, it’s clear that is doubling down on NFTs. In 2021, the platform launched 220+ NFT drops, with twelve of these collections being exclusive collaborations. now boasts more than 46,000 followers on its NFT Twitter account @cryptocomnft, in addition to its growing Discord community. Keep in mind that only launched NFTs in September 2021. 

This Year’s Valentine’s Day Reflects How NFTs can Commemorate Special Events

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays and is celebrated almost universally on February 14th. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend an estimated $24 billion on Valentine’s Day this year. Each year more than 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged, making Valentine’s Day the second-largest holiday for greetings cards.

These Valentine’s Day tokens are unlikely to appreciate – after all, what’s the going price for another couple’s NFTs? While investors are unlikely to perk up at the thought of a Valentine’s Day NFT, the underlying motivation is to enable users to commemorate special occasions. In the future, we may see NFTs minted for weddings, anniversary parties, and other momentous events in people’s lives. 

Just don’t break up with your significant other. Remember that everything published on the blockchain will stay on the blockchain and will be visible for everyone, forever. Having your girlfriend or boyfriend find NFTs dedicated to an ex on a public blockchain could lead to an awkward encounter.

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