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The self-described “metaverse’s first retail chain” is pioneering fashion retailing through NFT and blockchain technology.

METABRGE is officially the first retailer to purchase land on the three largest Metaverse platforms, including Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and The Sandbox.

The company designs, implements and deploys NFTs that have a utility in the Metaverse by enabling holders to claim NFT Metaverse wearables. METABRGE tailors NFT collections to meet different Metaverse wearable design guidelines and requirements.

“With the NFT space having experienced a breakout year as third-quarter sales reached $10.7 billion, we believe that it is just getting started as industries beyond digital art are tapping into the potential of NFTs,” said Benny So, Head of Communications for METABRGE.

Metabrge Metaverse NFT Helmet

Metabrge Metaverse NFT Helmet. Source: Metabrge Official Website

The Metaverse’s First Retail Chain

What does this mean for the metaverse? Because they’re the first to own space in all three of the largest virtual landowners. Though they have yet to drop a collection from one of their collaborators, they are clearly carving a space where they see a lot of potential.

The “land” on these platforms are NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens”, identified by the uncrackable code on the blockchain. The virtual land space is to be used to build exclusive retail spaces online.

Directly from their website, they say:

“METABRGE is playing a pivotal role bringing pioneering brands and their consumers into this new realm of self expression and digital asset ownership known as NFTs. We believe in blockchain technology as an enabler for a more democratic, connected and valuable way of creating digital fashion experiences. NFTs are the starting point of a fashion experience that you can own, in which we can create new ways to experience and relate to fashion. We will launch our personal collections, but our main focus is to offer Drops from exclusive partnerships with Brands and creators who will help define this next-gen fashion movement.”

What’s Next for METABRGE and Metaverse Fashion?

METABRGE plans to collaborate with top fashion brands to create digital wearables for the Metaverse. The company will also aid brands in creating digital branded products that will be registered on the blockchain.

METABRGE’s digital estate within Sandbox is directly adjacent to Snoop Dogg’s and DJ Steve Aoki’s. Their neighbor, Aoki, performed at one of METABRGE’s partners’, Monkey Kingdom’ Christmas party.

On their Instagram page, currently at 108 followers at the time of this article, they post news stories about the latest fashion collaborations to hit the metaverse.
They also share prototypes of their newest concepts.

For now, METABRGE seems to be building hype for upcoming projects.

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