New Trump NFTs Poised for Success – Bigly

In a world where just about everyone seems to be jumping on the NFT bandwagon, Trump NFTs were always inevitable. In fact, it’s surprising that Trump-themed NFTs have taken this long to appear.

What’s not surprising, however, is the organization behind these non-fungible tokens. Parler, the social media app popular among right-leaning individuals, is releasing 250 “CryptoTrump” NFTs through its brand new marketplace, DeepRedSky. 

Details Behind the DeepRedSky Marketplace

Unlike the Ethereum-powered OpenSea, this new marketplace is set to operate using the Solana blockchain.. Another major difference is the fees involved, as Parler CEO George Farmer has announced that the cost of doing business on DeepRedSky will likely be higher than on OpenSea. 

However, Farmer also envisions DeepRedSky as more of a “full-service” platform when compared to OpenSea, as he plans to offer consulting services to investors who want to learn more about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He also plans to help NFT creators with a wide range of marketing tools, from social media to discord channels and more. 

Trump is Not Behind This

It’s important to note that Trump didn’t actually create these NFTs or was involved with this release in any way. The Parler CEO isn’t revealing the real person behind the non-fungible tokens, but the images bear many similarities to some of the most popular NFTs today. Much like Bored Ape NFTs, these new Trump images depict the former president in a wide range of different outfits and scenarios. 

For example, one Trump NFT shows him smoking a cigar and shooting lasers out of his eyeballs. Another depicts him smoking a pipe with a bag of golf clubs on his back, while he eats a hamburger in a different NFT. Trump is also wearing an eyepatch in a few of the images as well. The backgrounds also change – from dollar bills to American flags and sandy beaches. An eagle rests on his shoulder in one particularly memorable NFT. 

Melania Is Way Ahead of Donald

While Trump may not be ready to associate himself directly with NFTs, his wife Melania has no such reservations. The former First Lady has been releasing her own NFTs for some time now, including the February 17th release of her “POTUS NFT Collection.” Each of these NFTs hit the market for the relatively affordable price of $50. Back in December, a watercolor image of Melania’s eyes hit the NFT market with a starting bid of $250,000. A portion of the sale apparently went to charity. One of Melania’s most well-known NFTs was an image of a white hat that she wore during a visit with Emmanuel Macron. 

One thing is clear: there’s definitely a demand for NFTs that appeal to right-learning investors (or “deplorables” as Hillary Clinton once referred to them as). DeepRedSky could be poised to capitalize on this market, luring new NFT investors who may have otherwise been reluctant to dive in in the first place. 

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