Wrangler makes metaverse debut with 75th Anniversary NFT launch

It’s the Metaverse but for Jeans. In a partnership with Grammy-winning musician Leon Bridges, Wrangler is bridging the gap between physical and metaverse by releasing 75 NFTs, in order to commemorate its 75 years of history.

“Fashion, technology, and music influence us all, and I love the way Wrangler is interconnecting all three on this wild ride,” said Grammy-nominee Leon Bridges in a press release from Forbes about the project. “Through Wrangler, I channel my Texas roots and the essence of who I am, so I’m honored to help the brand celebrate its history while continuing to write the future.”

The recording artist, known as the “Mr Wrangler”, is teaming up with the recognizable jeans brand for their future-focused NFT launch. The Texas singer has just been announced as the face of Wrangler’s Spring/Summer 22 men’s collection. He will also be the subject of Wrangler’s new NFT launch, which will release 75 pieces in its “Icon” drop and 1 in its “Legendary” drop.

Leon Bridges Wrangler 1

Source: Wrangler Official Website

​Leon Bridges Credits Wrangler with his Success

Leon Bridges can tick off another major life accomplishment from his growing list–in addition to being a two-time Grammy nominee for his most recent and personal R&B album Gold Digger, he has stacked up a significant music career that saw him perform at the White House for former President Obama. Now, as the face of Wrangler, the singer credits the jeans brand for his start. 

In a Forbes interview, he said, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my Wrangler jeans; they helped me make my first connection in the music industry and are a huge part of my style to this day. Fashion and music are emblematic of self-expression and identity, and there’s no brand more synonymous with my western roots and the Texas lifestyle than Wrangler.”

Wrangler just celebrated its 75th birthday and has dedicated itself to ‘making the world’s best denim’. The first launch of 75 NFTS dropped on February 22. The “Icon” tier is a digitally animated choreographed dance move conceptualized by Bridges.

With each purchase of the “Icon” tier, collectors are granted access to a digital community, virtual Wrangler-branded metaverse wearables in Decentraland, plus one VIP pass to an invitation-only, private performance by Leon Bridges at New York Fashion Week in September 2022.

In an article with Feed Me Light, he said, “I was even able to choreograph a dance, which was then turned into the digital NFT artwork, making it something really cool to me,” he said, speaking on the “Icon” tier.

The collaboration is a 2-part launch. The sales of the first tier end March 1st.

Wrangler will Drop Exclusive NFTs at New York Fashion Week

In September during the second piece of the drop, Wrangler will unveil and auction singular “Legendary-Tier” NFT at the exclusive NYFW performance. This will feature a replica of the Wrangler custom denim jacket-and-jeans outfit created for Bridges. The physical suit is the only other one in existence outside of Bridges’ private collection.

Leon Bridges Wrangler 2

Source: Official Wrangler Website

The new owner of the piece will be in possession of a one-of-one minted NFT, where the suit itself is infused with exclusive content only accessible via LTD. INC’s scanning app. The physical suit comes in a  retro-futuristic suitcase, one digitally animated NFT, and one Legendary Decentraland Metaverse Wearable.

The global brand president of Wrangler has a lot to say about the brand’s adventure into the online frontier. “Wrangler is a brand that has always been inspired by and thrived in the Wild West, and the metaverse is simply the next destination for us,” says Tom Waldron, Wrangler EVP.

NFTs Could Help Wrangler Connect with Younger Audiences

The denim brand has seen rising popularity among a younger crowd, particularly Gen-Z. The “wild west” aspect of the digital world is what those raised online are accustomed to–a fast-paced, mercurial online environment that is changing right before our eyes. The “frontier” aspect of the digital world remains a pressing recent topic as many brands stake their claim in the online world. Maybe that’s why Gen-Z or, “zoomers” are attracted to brands shaping the future of online and digital fashion.

“We’re celebrating 75 years of history by driving towards the future of fashion, looking across the horizon at what’s next. We can’t wait to celebrate with Leon Bridges and all our fans through this series of unexpected physical, digital, and metaverse experiences. Exciting innovation is happening at the intersection where the physical meets digital and where craftsmanship meets technology.”

The “Legendary” tier makes this NFT something collectible in the physical world and the blockchain. Even on the “icon” tier, each new owner has a specific piece of minted DNA that separates one from the other, signifying digital ownership of a specific copy, hence “Non-Fungible”.

Leon Bridges Wrangler 3

Source: Official Wrangler Website

“With the launch of our first NFT, Wrangler is exploring how our brand can engage with our fans in a new frontier. We will continue to explore opportunities to activate in the metaverse through an authentic representation of the brand’s past and an eye to our future.”

Wrangler also cites big plans for future collaborations including TV, pop culture, other fashion brands, and more. 

“In addition to the collaborations we have planned throughout the year, we’ll launch a limited-edition #Wrangler75 Collection and reissue several key styles from our brand archives.”

It looks like this is just the beginning of the story between Wrangler and the future of projects on the blockchain. As more fashion houses and brands jump into the world of NFTs, we are sure to see more than just clothes in these collaborations.


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