The Moonbird Boom

Have you seen owl-shaped profile pictures popping up all over Twitter?

We have, too – they’re Moonbird NFTs, and the whole crypto industry is raving about them.

What are Moonbird NFTs, and Why are they Trending? 

PROOF Collective, the creators of the Moonbirds, created these NFTs with “utility in mind”. Every Moonbird is a key to the Moonbird private Discord channel, where the owners have access to exclusive Moonbird-related drops, details for meetups in real life, and access to upcoming projects.

The owners even get access to the new PROOF metaverse, called Project Highrise. If it sounds like a fancy social club, that’s because PROOF made it that way. The 10,000 ‘utility NFTs’ grant owners access to more cool stuff. These types of NFTs have been used at concerts, events, and more. They cross over into real life, making them much more than just a profile avatar. Additionally, the Moonbird NFTs accumulate more benefits and perks as owners hold them–a process that is aptly called ‘nesting’.

The Moonbird launch blew OpenSea records out of the water. They first launched on April 16, when the 10,000 units started at a price of 2.5 Ethereum ($7,800). Now, the prices hover around 20 ETH, or $62,000. On OpenSea, $110 million was traded in Moonbirds alone, in the four days following the launch. 

The Founders Behind Moonbird NFTs

Proof Collective is a 1,000-member group of prominent figures in the NFT space, including artist Mike Winkelmann (a.k.a. Beeple) and investor Gary Vaynerchuk. Cofounders Kevin Rose, Ryan Carson, and Justin Mezzell are all recognizable figures in the NFT space. 

Another prominent member of the exclusive Moonbirds club is none other than the cheery-chatty late-night host, Jimmy Fallon. He tweeted about them on April 19, contributing to the buzz. 

“Moonbirds is one of the first majorly successful (so far) projects that is unashamed about what it is. Kevin [Rose] and Ryan [Carson] have been very clear that they’re raising money, that they’re not ‘selling art’, that they’ll treat the money as funds to build a product, etc,” tweeted Daniel Tenner, founder of startup funding service Grant Tree.

The clarity and transparency of where the money is going–towards the Proof metaverse–gives investors a feeling of, well, investing. If they believe a project backed by Beeple will take off, then investors can rest happy knowing that they have a cute profile photo and access to an exclusive club and metaverse. 

Check out the Official Moonbirds site for their official FAQ. 

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