Animoca Brands Launches Mocaverse NFT Membership Club, Made Exclusive to Its Community

Animoca Brands, a leading Hong kong-based GameFi and VC firm, is set to drop a membership NFT collection titled Mocaverse, exclusive for its community starting from Q1 2023.

The NFT collection consists of 8,888 PFP (Profile Picture) NFT characters themed Mocas, classified into five tribes that serve different purposes to fulfill Mocaverse’s values – learn, play, build and do good.

Made exclusive to the group’s portfolio companies, investors and partners, these NFTs are akin to membership passes with which holders will enjoy benefits and rewards for their contributions within the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

According to the press release, the group has a growing portfolio of over 380 projects within the Web3 industry, ranging from blockchain games, esports, to platforms and marketplaces. 

Serving to bring together the community members, the firm also detailed that NFT holders will be offered membership benefits that reflect the core values of learn, play, build and do good, including opportunities to access expert AMAs, masterclasses, game passes, exclusive in-game assets, accelerator programs and events for good causes.

“The community of Animoca Brands stretches around the world and across the open metaverse. Our family and friends include builders and leaders who are shaping Web3 culture and creating the future of this space. Mocaverse is an opportunity to create a tighter and more synergistic community as we strengthen the connections between our teams and portfolio, and create new ways to build the next great projects and platforms,” said Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands in the company statement. 

Last month, the group announced plans to set up a $2 billion fund called Animoca Capital to invest in metaverse projects, starting as early as next year.  

Both announcements come at a time when the entire sector is affected by the bearish market conditions following black swan events such as the FTX collapse. 

Last week, Siu also told Forkast News in an interview that the firm has limited exposure to FTX and the Solana ecosystem.

According to DappRadar’s latest Blockchain Games Report, blockchain-based games and Metaverse projects have demonstrated strong resilience to market conditions. Even though the investments in the sectors have declined in the past months, US$534 million was raised in October and November. 

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