AI prompt Engineers Wanted

Supporting the AI revolution could land you a new job in Tech

The job title ‘AI prompt engineer’ encompasses someone responsible for designing and constructing AI prompts using large language models. The rise of AI-powered chatbots as of late has led to a surge in demand for this particular position in the tech sector, and for good reason. 

At this point AI chatbots have become synonymous with job loss for human programmers, writers, and content creators. What isn’t so much part of that discourse, is the way in which these jobs will invariably evolve to stay relevant. 

As companies seek to build solutions centered around generative services like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing Chat, this new job description is proving to be the first of many in a wholly new tech vertical spurred by recent developments in generative AI. 

Where we stand to benefit 

The growth in demand for AI prompt engineering jobs is an important marker for the new opportunities soon to arise for those in content creation and engineering. With some of these roles making headlines for having salaries as high as $375,000, this AI adjacent skills that apparently don’t always require degrees in tech have garnered serious attention. 

Already its own genre of original creator content, while researching ‘AI’ on Youtube you can now find tutorials on how to maximize the potential of platforms driven by generative AI by effectively utilizing prompts.

Jobs specifically related to the development and maintenance of AI and automation will inevitably encourage business to realize its potential as AI integrates across multiple industries. The World Economic Forum predicts that generative AI will create 97 million new jobs by 2025. 

These could include data detectives or scientists, prompt engineers, robotics engineers, machine managers, and programmers, particularly those who can code in Python which is key for AI development. 

Healthcare looks set to benefit too, with PwC estimating that AI-assisted healthcare technician jobs will see an upward surge. AI trainers and those with capabilities related to modeling, computational intelligence, machine learning, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, and neuroscience will also be in demand. 

New verticals in Tech

Generative AI, undoubtedly will change the face of the job market. While some will continue to ponder potential for job losses, others see it as an opportunity for individuals to find new work in tech. 

So long as chatbots are central to this equation of streamlined AI workflow, there will also be a backbone of professional developers and engineers behind our optimized usage of these ever expansive and always ‘learning’ language models. 

It’s less a question of ‘will there be jobs left’, but more so a shift in our approach to acquiring requisite skills to fully realize the larger vision of generative AI as it were. Jobs incidentally will continue to increase, providing new opportunities for those interested in AI and related fields.

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