TECNO and VOGUE Transform Fashion Narratives at London Fashion Week with “Style in Motion”

London Fashion Week bore witness to an unprecedented partnership between technology brand TECNO and fashion authority VOGUE, as they proudly unveiled their highly anticipated fashion film, “Style in Motion.” This mesmerizing video delves into the authentic experiences of models, capturing their genuine emotions through the lens of the TECNO CAMON 20 series. The collaboration’s objective is to redefine fashion narratives and encourage individuals to embrace their true emotions, integrating them into their unique style.


Leveraging VOGUE’s unrivaled creative vision and influence, the fashion film resonates with audiences worldwide. Going beyond the confines of traditional fashion weeks, the CAMON 20 series focuses on capturing intricate details, exposing the inner world of models beyond their external appearances. This collaboration revolutionizes the boundaries of fashion photography, bridging the gap between the runway and real-life experiences.

To summarize, TECNO and VOGUE’s partnership has unveiled the extraordinary fashion film, “Style in Motion,” which pushes the boundaries of fashion storytelling. Through the lens of the TECNO CAMON 20 series, this captivating video encapsulates the genuine experiences and emotions of models during London Fashion Week. Merging fashion and technology, the collaboration inspires individuals to embrace their true emotions and infuse them into their personal style, revolutionizing the perception and expression of fashion.

Watch the mesmerizing fashion film at – https://www.vogue.com/video/watch/style-in-motion-at-london-fashion-week


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